Visdeltex, quilting machines and ultrasonic systems | Visdeltex is new member of ISPA (International Sleep Products Association)
Fabricantes de maquinaria textil, especializados en acolchadoras y ultrasonidos. Especialistas en autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico doméstico. Textile machinery manufacturers, specialized in quilting machines and ultrasonic systems.
acolchadoras, quilting machines, maquinaria textil, textile machinery, autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico
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Visdeltex is new member of ISPA (International Sleep Products Association)

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30 Mar Visdeltex is new member of ISPA (International Sleep Products Association)

ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) was formed in 1915 by 39 manufacturers bedding.
Currently it represents manufacturers of mattresses and bedding component, machinery and service providers in countries around the world. ISPA members ranging from manufacturing companies mattresses and sleep products multinational operations to small family-owned. This diverse membership base ISPA gives strong credibility and influence as the voice of sleep products industry.

The Association offers a wide range of legal, informational and educational services that benefit all its members. Many of these services are exclusively for members of ISPA; others try to increase awareness of the contribution of industry health and quality of daily life to specific audiences, the media and the general public.

ISPA Website

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