The Platform calls for support to the Industry Committee


15 Jul The Platform calls for support to the Industry Committee

They emphasize the strategic importance of industrial policy in the areas of promoting quality


The Platform for the Territorial Reindustrialització has asked the Comissió d’Industria de les Corts Valencianes more support for quality industrial areas, the pilot project promoted by the Platform, which brings together employers Vall d’Albaida (Coeval) l’Alcoià-El Comtat (Fedac) and Foia of Castalla (Ibiae).

Representatives of the Platform have maintained a working day in Ontinyent with the president of the commission, Victor Garcia, and members of the same, of all political parties with parliamentary representation: Fernando Pastor, Noelia Hernandez, Rosa Garcia and Jose Almeria.

Members of the Platform moved to commission the “need” to support the industrial sector of the territory and Valencia “to be among the most developed regions of Spain and Europe creating an industrial quality jobs.” All those attending the meeting agreed on “the strategic importance of industrial policy to be implemented through projects such as the AIC (Quality Industrial Area), also based on cooperation and territorial structure.”

On the day, the Comissió of Industry visited several industrial companies Ontinyent (Videl-Visdeltex, LIDEM, Cotopur-Cotoblau, Tacome and Inel), where they found the high industrial qualification of companies and their commitment to innovation and internationalization

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