Specialists in domestic solar self-consumption

Visdeltex especialista en autoconsumo solar doméstico

20 Feb Specialists in domestic solar self-consumption

Combining more than 30 years of experience both in the electricity sector and in the textile machinery and the most modern technology, VISDELTEX, has evolved to adapt to the needs of its customers.

Today, we are making our way in the fascinating world of renewable energy and more specifically, we are specialists in photovoltaic self-consumption.

Self-consumption is a legal system of obtaining energy, which consists in a user producing their own. In this way, you have absolute control over the installation, consumption and savings. This is an efficient and environmentally friendly method, since it avoids consuming energy from the Red Eléctrica de España. At VISDELTEX we are convinced that solar energy will be the key renewable energy in the future, and that is why we want to encourage you to install it.

With the approval of RD 244/2019 OF 05/04/2019 the government is promoting solar self-consumption by opening a path full of possibilities and opportunities.

6 compelling reasons to switch to energy self-consumption:

➡ Reduce your carbon footprint

➡ Save on your electricity bill

➡ The laws are in your favor

➡ More and more grants

➡ Recovery of your energy surplus

➡ Shared self-consumption

Are we talking about self-consumption? Contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

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