Visdeltex, quilting machines and ultrasonic systems | VT CERRADORA Seam mattress machine
Fabricantes de maquinaria textil, especializados en acolchadoras y ultrasonidos. Especialistas en autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico doméstico. Textile machinery manufacturers, specialized in quilting machines and ultrasonic systems.
acolchadoras, quilting machines, maquinaria textil, textile machinery, autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico
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VT CERRADORA Seam mattress machine

  • Cerradora de colchones Visdeltex - 1
  • Cerradora de colchones
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  • Cerradora de colchones Visdeltex-3
seam mattress
About This Project

Sewing head heigh adjustable to mattress thickness
Sewing head PFAFF 5627

Touch screen with intuitive interface that allows, among other things, regulate the sewing speed in the corners.