As a company integrated in the textile sector, Visdeltex produces machines for making different items.

Technical Curtains:

Technical curtains such as Screen or blinds are made of synthetic fabrics.

At Visdeltex we apply ultrasound technology to automate their production.

  • Machines for ultrasonic cutting or cold cutting.
  • Machines for making technical curtains using ultrasound or thermal resistance.


Pillow cores are commonly protected by woven covers.

We apply sewing or ultrasonic technology to automate the case making process.

  • Machines for wrapping pillow cores with ultrasonic sealing and cutting.
  • Lines for making pillow cases by sewing or by ultrasound
  • Lines for measuring, cutting, labeling and packaging fabrics for retail sale.
  • Lines for automatic preparation of kitchen towels and tablecloths, with options such as labelling.