We are manufacturers of Textile Machinery in Valencia (Ontinyent)

More than 25 years of experience in the industrial automation sector

Quilting Machines

VISDELTEX has extensive experience in the production of quilting machines, especially in the application to the home textile and mattress industry.

We also develop sewing automation for different textile processes, such pillowcases production or sewing of technical fabrics and composites.

Vista general acolchadora Visdeltex VT 5002. Máquina de doble cabezal de costura para trabajo en continuo

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic technology has different applications within the textile sector. Mainly for cutting, marking and joining of tissues.

VISDELTEX offers equipment in different powers, in this way we adapt to different applications. In VISDELTEX the different elements of an ultrasound equipment are developed. Generator, resonator and sonotrode.


VISDELTEX has developed complete lines for the relax and upholstery sectors.


As a company integrated in the textile sector, Visdeltex produces machines for making different items: technical curtains and pillow

Sanitary Masks

Due to the pandemic in which the world has been involved, VISDELTEX has applied ultrasound technology in the production of sanitary masks.