We do not look for clients for our products, but products for our clients (Seth Godin)

For more than 30 years, VISDELTEX has specialized in the manufacture of machinery for the textile sector, especially automation for sewing and ultrasonic equipment for different processes.


The strength and energy to evolve lies in the spirit of a team of professionals who join forces in the same direction.
VISDELTEX has an experienced team of more than 30 technicians, including mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers.
The most important thing about any professional job is to identify with it, to do it with passion, care and above all as a team to multiply the chances of success.


VISDELTEX is always at the forefront in the application of the latest technologies, applying them in the production of its products.
In this way we produce equipment capable of maximizing performance and efficiency.

I + D

The daily challenge is to move forward and reach new challenges, developing customized solutions to the production processes of customers around the world.