Visdeltex, quilting machines and ultrasonic systems | Visdeltex quilting machines and ultrasonic systems. Photovoltaic solar installers.
Visdeltex quilting machine and ultrasonic systems. Photovoltaic solar installers
Quilting machines, ultrasonic systems, textile machinery, photovoltaic solar, installers
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We work to offer you the best machinery with custom developments and prototypes, especially for the textile sector with quilting machines and ultrasounds


Quilting machines and Ultrasonic Systems

For VISDELTEX the daily challenge is to adapt to the needs of the clients. With a constant work of continuous research and development we manage to make our clients’ projects a reality with tailor-made developments.

The strength and energy to evolve, resides in the spirit of a team of professionals that unite their efforts in the same direction; quality, perfection and a job well done.

The most important thing in any professional job is to identify with it, do it with passion, dedication and above all as a team to multiply the chances of success.

For all these reasons, VISDELTEX is always at the forefront of new technologies to apply them in all its products designed for the textile sector. We are not looking for clients for our products, but products for our clients (Seth Godin)

All our products

Meet our quilting machines, mattress machines girdle, ultrasonic machines for cutting, marking and sealing machines for bagging mattresses, curtain machinery and a wide range of textile machinery to meet your industrial needs.

Know Visdeltex

Visdeltex, quilters and ultrasound is specialized manufacturer of textile machinery quilting machines for home and mattress. In addition, we have a wide range of possibilities in automated cutting systems, marking and ultrasonic sealing.

Sales Network

Meet our extensive sales network to contact us and refer you to the appropriate department for more personalized attention.



At Visdeltex we have an energy advisory department backed by Fenie Energy in which we offer our clients photovoltaic solar self-consumption systems, energy savings in both industry and housing, and the management of electricity and gas contracts with 100% green energy.

Our competitive advantage is personal and trustworthy treatment.

We help you to be part of the energy transition!


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